PIPENET Training Webinars

Welcome to PIPENET webinars!

We are pleased to inform you that we periodically host free training webinars in various time zones to enable anyone interested in PIPENET to learn new and useful things about our software. Please follow the updates about the forthcoming webinars below:

Cavitation Models and Applications – PIPENET Transient

19 July 2022, 10 am BST – London (9 am GMT, 11 am CET) – Europe, Middle East, India and Africa

21 July 2022, 8 am BST – London (7 am GMT, 3 pm Singapore) – Asia, India & Australia

          26 July 2022, 4 pm BST – London (3 pm GMT, 10 am Houston) – North America & Latin America

For more details and the registration form please press here.

We look forward to seeing you online soon!