How to Correctly Update a Network Licence to Latest Version of PIPENET2021-08-16T16:55:47+00:00

The latest version of PIPENET is PIPENET VISION 1.11.0. When updating an older version of PIPENET to PIPENET VISION 1.11.0, it may be necessary to upgrade FlexNet Publisher (formerly known as FLEXlm) on the licence server to make sure that the latest version is used. Kindly note that the current FLEXlm programs and the sunrise.exe vendor daemon correspond to FLEXlm version 11.16 and this is currently the preferred version. If you need to upgrade FlexNet Publisher, the latest version can be found in the Licensing directory of the PIPENET VISION 1.11.0 installation CD/pen drive/installation files.

To install the new version of FlexNet Publisher, please follow the steps below:

    1. Open the old lmtools and stop the service.
    2. Create a folder (e.g. C:\FlexLm11_16).
    3. Copy the files for FlexLm 11.16 into this directory (lmgrd.exe, sunrise.exe, lmtools.exe).
    4. Start the new lmtools.exe from this folder.
    5. Set the new path for lmgrd.exe in “Config Services”
    6. Start the server

The existing PIPENET licence file will still be valid with the new versions of FlexNet Publisher and PIPENET. Older releases of PIPENET can also still be used with the new version of FlexNet Publisher.

Am I using the latest version of PIPENET?2021-08-16T15:23:32+00:00

We strongly recommend customers to use the latest version of PIPENET at all times to ensure you have all of the latest features. The current version of PIPENET is PIPENET VISION 1.11.0.

To check which version you are using, please:

  1. Open PIPENET
  2. Select Help
  3. Select ‘About PIPENET’

You will now see a picture screen. The version number can be seen in the top right hand corner.

If you are not using, PIPENET VISION 1.11.0, please contact your IT Department or us

Who Do I Contact For More Information?2019-03-08T11:57:58+00:00

PIPENET  software is developed and distributed by Sunrise Systems Limited.  We would be pleased to hear from you and answer any questions you may have regarding PIPENET.  Please do contact us at any of the below email addresses.

pipenet@sunrise-sys.com  – for general enquiries

licensing@sunrise-sys.com – for licensing enquiries

admin@sunrise-sys.com – for accounts enquiries

support@sunrise-sys.com – for support enquiries


What is PIPENET Vision?2018-03-14T17:22:27+00:00

PIPENET Vision is a radical update to PIPENET Classic. It has major improvements to the user interface and many new functions. Not only are the three independent modules of PIPENET a complete answer to your fluid flow analysis needs, PIPENET Vision is revolutionary!

How Can We Find Out More About PIPENET Vision?2019-03-08T11:59:26+00:00

Contact us. Email us at pipenet@sunrise-sys.com  We will be pleased to hear from you and answer your questions.  In addition, there are PIPENET Advisors in different locations around the world.  We will be pleased to direct you to a PIPENET Advisor near you if you would prefer. We have a network of Marketing Partners throughout the world who can provide commercial information, technical support and training.

How Do I Buy PIPENET Vision?2019-03-08T12:00:22+00:00

It is as simple as ABC. Contact us either by email, pipenet@sunrise-sys.com or complete our registration page and we, or one of our authorized marketing partners, will be pleased to discuss your requirement, advise on PIPENET licensing options and support your purchase.

We dispatch PIPENET to customers around the world using FedEx courier service for expediency.

Is It Possible to Buy Independent Modules of PIPENET?2021-08-16T16:44:54+00:00

Yes – PIPENET modules are sold independently so it is possible to buy one, two or all three modules of PIPENET, according to your requirements.

Each PIPENET module is suitable for a different range of applications:

PIPENET Transient module – for analysis of dynamic flow.

PIPENET Transient module is widely used for dynamic analysis of hydrocarbons, water and all Newtonian fluids.  PIPENET Transient module is the leading fluid flow software for surge analyis, calculating unbalanced forces and modelling control systems. It is used by the world’s biggest oil and gas companies and leading engineering companies for rigorous transient analysis.

PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler module – for fire safety

PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler module is the the global leader and standard for hydraulic calculations in fire safety systems.  It is used extensively for offshore platforms and onshore too.  PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler module is compliant with NFPA13, NFPA15, and NFPA16.  Spray/Sprinkler module is easy to use and delivers reliable results. PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler module is an indispensable software tool for fire safety engineers.

PIPENET Standard module – for steady state analysis of liquids, steam and gases.

PIPENET Standard module is an incredibly useful software tool, covering an extensive range of applications, for steady state analysis. The Standard module is widely used in the nuclear industry for ventilation, in shipbuilding for pipe design, and in the oil and gas industry for pressure drop, piping, and a wide range of other applications. PIPENET Standard module is suitable for both compressible and incompressible flow.


How Soon is PIPENET Delivered?2018-03-14T17:23:50+00:00

Your order for PIPENET software will be dispatched, typically, within two working days of receipt, by courier to ensure that you have it as soon as possible.



How do I Obtain Technical Support?2019-03-08T12:01:37+00:00

A PIPENET Maintenance, Updates and Support agreement ensures assistance is only ever an email away. Our expert team of professionals will talk you through difficulties on the telephone, study your data files or answer your questions by email. Contact our technical team on support@sunrise-sys.com.

What Standards does PIPENET Comply With?2021-08-16T16:56:58+00:00

PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler complies with NFPA 13, NFPA 15, and NFPA 16 guaranteeing you the highest standards in fire protection.

PIPENET software is developed by Sunrise Systems Limited.  We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

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