PIPENET Standard Module is ideal for analysis of general network systems handling liquids, gases and steam, including piping HVAC and ducting systems.

PIPENET Standard Module Screenshots

Applications of PIPENET Standard module

  • Cooling water systems
  • Steam distribution systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Water distribution systems
  • Fuel gas systems
  • Chilled water systems

PIPENET Standard models pipes, ducts, fittings, pumps, fans, check valves, control valves, nozzles, filters, orifice plates, fixed pressure drops.

PIPENET Standard Module Features

  • Input – isometric or orthogonal schematic input, tabular input including copy and paste from spreadsheets
  • Underlay – import of drawings for use as underlays for schematic drawings
  • Output – easy, readable output as tables, or display of data and results on the schematic
  • Extensive library of fittings and user-defined fittings, using Crane data
  • Powerful pipe sizing capability
  • Orifice plates – diameter to be calculated or specified
  • Multiple pump scenarios
  • Block/Break of pipes to simulate closed valves and burst pipes
  • Pumps – sizing of pumps or user-defined vendor’s pump curves
  • Pipe schedules – extensive built-in and user-defined pipe schedules
  • Checking for cavitation, correction for ambient pressure decrease with height, calculation of hydraulic gradients and modelling of leaks
  • Control valves – pressure, flow, differential and set position
  • Variable properties and temperatures
  • Choice of pipe or node elevations
PIPENET is the solution in design optimisation and setting standards in safety.